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Our products vary according to the production time of the products you choose.

Our average production timeis 12-18 working days. However, depending on the production intensity,it may be possible to produce within 7-10 working days.

Buy4barber is an organization that has the experience required for legal export
and all the legal documents required by the Republic of Turkey.
Buy4barber provides insured shipments wherever you are in the world with its contracted
logistics companies that specialize in furniture transportation. With our expert team, we make reliable delivery to your door with all our packaging,
logistics and customs services without tiring our customers in this process. In addition, the shipping process can be managed by the companies you want
or we can ship with the carrier you want.
Since we produce on demand, the shipping time of the products after the production
process of 12-18 working days varies according to the distance of the places to be sent
to Istanbul. Shipments for Istanbul and Marmara region cities take 1-2 days on average.
It takes 3-5 days for other regions within Turkey. This period takes an average of 7 - 10
days for the European Center.
In general, the product you request reaches your address within 25-30 days on average
for the European center. (You can get detailed information about the subject by calling us.)
You make 3 different payments for the products you import from Buy4barber.

Product Price: The fee you will pay to our company for your purchased products.

Tax: Buy4barber and Turkish Government do not charge VAT but you must pay VAT to your country
to have your items released on customs of your country.(For Example:Great Britan charges
%20 of total product amount if you buy products at $10000 you will pay $2000 to your country).

Shipping Cost: The shipping fee is determined by the size, weight and destination address
of your products.
After the colors, sizes and quantities of the desired products are decided,
the sales contract must be signed to save both side and 50% of the total amount
must be transferred by wire transfer.
With the completing all products, we will send you the pictures of the items when
the rest of the payment must be paid. Products will be shipped once the funds hit
our account.